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The Option Method.


The Option Method is a tool that you can use to create the life you always dreamed of – to be the “you you’d love to be.”  It can help you be your own best friend and the best friend anybody ever had.  It can help you work your way through depression, despair, loneliness and grief.  It can help you unravel confusion, consternation, disappointment and boredom.  It can help you diffuse anger, hatred, aggression and anxiety.  It can inspire you to new heights of personal growth and development that you never dreamed possible.  It can help you know who you are, what you value and what you love.  It can help you achieve a feeling of self-worth, authenticity and connection to others.

It can help you to leave unhappiness behind and make space for happiness in your life.

How can one method be so all-encompassing, so powerful?  Because it deals with what is most precious to every person  - personal happiness.   It deals with every person’s greatest fear – that they will have to be unhappy.   It doesn’t matter what someone is unhappy about, how long they have been unhappy or even if they don’t recognize that unhappiness is at the core of their issues.  The Option Method can bring clarity to emotional confusion and shed light on the most complex problems by going to the heart of the matter: our beliefs about unhappiness.

In simple terms, The Option Method is a tool designed to help people to be happy.  The philosophy behind it recognizes that if we are unhappy, it is because we believe we have to be on some level.  The Option Method helps to bring those beliefs into awareness through loving, non-judgmental questions.  As a result, we develop a completely new way of thinking about happiness and unhappiness.  We come to understand the true genesis and purpose of unhappiness and possibly for the first time in our lives, to be able to effectively question its necessity.    

Therefore, The Option Method helps us understand the role we play in our own happiness and unhappiness – to take responsibility for our own feelings.  The Method recognizes that each person is the expert on their own happiness and unhappiness; that each person has a choice in what they feel; that they have real reasons for making the choices they make, and will always make the best choice based on what they believe.

Once a person uses The Method to unravel unhappiness, they have first-hand knowledge of the true cause of unhappiness and their role in it. Because they are dealing with their own problems – because the answers are coming from them and nowhere else – the experience is perfectly tailored to their needs and not a theoretical construct.  As the person works through situation after situation, they see the direct connection between their own held beliefs and the unhappy feelings they create.  They then have the opportunity to question their beliefs and understand their purpose for holding on to them.  Ultimately, instead of believing that they are a victim in a cause and effect relationship between events and unhappiness, they are empowered to make decisions for their greatest happiness.

Part of the beauty of the Method is its simplicity.  The fact that it is simple means that it is accessible to everyone.  Therefore, the Method can be learned and duplicated time and again no matter what the problem is. 

So, what is the best way to describe a way of thinking that allows us to truly know ourselves?  To understand our motivations?  To understand why we feel the way we do?  To love and accept ourselves?  To ferret out when we are making negative judgments?  To tap into our true nature?  To see the world with new eyes?  To empower us to know that no matter what happens, we will always be okay?   To provide a thought process that allows us to get to the root of every unhappy feeling? 

How would you describe it?  I describe it as the greatest gift of my life.  Having The Option Method to help me is like having my own personal life translator, like having an angel whisper secrets in my ear, like operating under a great organizing principle that brings everything into perspective for my greatest happiness.  

Having said that, there is really only one way for you to know what The Method can do for you. Try it!

The Option Method, created by Bruce Di Marsico, has been one of the greatest gifts I have received in my life. By collecting Bruce‚Äôs transcripts and…

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If you want to be happy, do not be unhappy now and be happy. If you don’t believe you can be h…

If you want to be happy, do not be unhappy now and be happy. If you don’t believe you can be happy now or can stop being unhappy now, use The Option Method to feel better.

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