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Creation of the Option Method.

Bruce Di Marsico realized that people create their reality, their personalities and point of view; by means of the beliefs they choose – about themselves, others, the world, God. When it comes to our unhappiness, a primary belief is that we can be made to be unhappy against our will. In other words, unhappiness can happen to us. When people believe that unhappiness can happen to us, they see those things that can make us unhappy as “bad” or “wrong”, even “evil”, as things that “should not happen.” 

When we can understand how we use unhappiness, we can be free to understand the difference between the emotional need to avoid things we believe are bad for our happiness and the simple desire to avoid certain circumstances. 

For example, as Bruce puts it, 

“No person is afraid of being poor, in itself, but of being an unhappy poor person.  ...People are afraid unhappiness will “happen” to them under certain circumstances.  If you were not afraid of being unhappy as a poor person, would you still fear poverty?  Could you not instead decide you want to avoid it?”

Bruce had a vision of the possibility of freedom from unhappiness, which he shared with others through The Option Method teachings. This is one of the essential ingredients of The Option Method  – this view of happiness as the freedom from unhappiness.  In fact, this is one reason why The Method is so transformative for so many people; it allows them to see, perhaps for the first time in their lives, that their happiness is not contingent upon getting and having things. What could be more freeing?

I have plenty of opportunities to practice dialog with my massage clients. Since your workshop I feel more comfortable, stuck less often and much more…

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If you want to be happy, do not be unhappy now and be happy. If you don’t believe you can be h…

If you want to be happy, do not be unhappy now and be happy. If you don’t believe you can be happy now or can stop being unhappy now, use The Option Method to feel better.

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