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Belief Centered Coaching is a collaborative, goal-oriented, transformative process designed to untangle challenges to the achievement of your personal and professional goals. Our approach to coaching is designed to empower effective and efficient critical thinking by dealing directly with self-limiting beliefs. We will work with you on your identified roadblocks to success to harness the power of your innate creativity, skills and knowledge.

Belief Centered Coaching combines transformational life coaching and Option Method principles and practices to create a powerful, co-created opportunity for change. In each coaching session, you can expect non-judgmental, compassionate listening - recognition of you, the client, as your own best expert -facilitation of learning through awareness and desire for the happiest outcome - organic understanding of the connection of feelings and actions with your core beliefs - celebration of you as a healthy, whole individual with the freedom of choice in every aspect of your life.

All coaching sessions are with Wendy Dolber, Option Method Master Teacher and Associate Certified Coach.

Contact Wendy Dolber to schedule or for more information. 


Coaching sessions are $125 for a one-hour session.

We currently offer a special package of coaching cycles, consisting of 6 coaching sessions @ $700. 

Please make payment through Paypal and contact Wendy Dolber to schedule your appointment.



If you want to be happy, do not be unhappy now and be happy. If you don’t believe you can be h…

If you want to be happy, do not be unhappy now and be happy. If you don’t believe you can be happy now or can stop being unhappy now, use The Option Method to feel better.

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