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I have been doing dialogues with myself, and have had some quite startling realizations. It is clearly a very powerful tool!

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What will win? What is right or what is awry?

+ What will win? What is right or what is awry?

[ Posted on 03.22.2016 ]

I love to sit in my favorite chair, looking out the window at nature.  It might be a beautiful sunny summer day or in the midst of a frozen winter.  It doesn’t matter.  From the vantage point of my comfy chair, (which I often have to negotiate with my dog for time ), lately I am struck with the justaposition of all the manufactured items I can see framing the world of trees, birds, a pond with its rushing waterfall.  Even if I just focus on the curtains framing my window, I am amazed at everything that had to come to together to create them – the different fabrics, the threads, the sizing, the tints and dyes.  From the curtains I let my eyes roam to the window, the wall, the ceiling and floor, imagining (to the best of my limited knowledge) all the materials and processes that had to come together to create them – all the planning and execution of design and manufacturing involved.  I think about the chair I am sitting in, the clothes I am wearing, my eyeglasses, the phone I am holding, my jewelry, even my nail polish and the moisturizer I used this morning.  It’s endless.

What is interesting about this to me?  I am constantly amazed at the unseen massive acts of caring and coordination involved in creating the world of manufactured structure around me.  You could say I am in awe and deeply appreciative and grateful for this vast inventory of every imaginable thing, even if I have no use for it.  But most of all I love thinking about the impermanence of it all, especially as compared to the world of nature beyond my window.  I wonder sometimes what it would be like if every manufactured thing around would disappear and I would be left with just myself in the woods by the pond on a sunny summer day.  Like a faun or a red fox or a blue jay.  Notions of permanence dissolve in the moment, yet the connection to everything creates a taste of immortality.

And today, with the news of the latest horrific bombings, I love to remember the unseen massive acts of caring and coordination that are in play every day. To make the things happen in our every day world that we love and depend upon. To go into action in our everyday world to aid, nurture and support us in times of need. What will win? Look around you and really “see” what is going right and what is awry. You’ll have your answer.



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