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What is your new beginning?

+ What is your new beginning?

[ Posted on 01.14.2018 ]

Please join me in celebrating new beginnings as 2018 unfolds. What is your new beginning? Are you starting a new job, a new relationship, a new chapter in your life? Are you taking on new responsibilities or moving away from old ones? Are you learning a new skill, changing your diet, setting off on a journey? Or will you celebrate the new beginning that every moment brings?

Whatever your new beginning is, know that you bring to it everything you need to have to do it in a way that is “perfect” for you. And by perfect, I mean simply, you bring you to every moment. With all your skills, talents and intentions – and yes, with all your foibles and issues. What else can you do? There is no such thing as not good enough. There is only enough – enough to do what you do in a way that is the pure expression of your being. So move forward in happiness, putting aside all negative judgment on yourself, and see what happens!

Below is one of my favorite pieces by Bruce Di Marsico. Cor Super Ratio means Heart above Logic. This is a piece about trusting yourself and knowing that your happiness is the only engine you need to do your doing, whatever that is. I love this piece because it reminds me that all we need to be fully ourselves and in tune with the perfection of the universe is to choose. It may sound simple, but why shouldn’t it be? Does life really have to be so hard? Does happiness really have to be so unattainable? Do we really have to be stuck in the same old patterns of sadness, grief, anger, fear? Or are we really free?

To your freedom and happiness, Wendy Dolber

Cor Super Ratio

To enter into a new life, which is in our sense spiritual and miraculous, it is possible to do so by choice.

One can choose a way of life and state of mind that makes it possible to receive the gifts and graces which are fruits of being in union with happiness and the cause of all knowledge and action, especially quiet action.

The essence of God [my edit: or use whatever word speaks to you] is Happiness. The fruit of union is knowing. The love of knowing is Quiet Doing.

Deus Super Omnes Beautus

Super Omnes Sanctitude,

Scientia est Vita,

Facientia est.

To be the channel and expression of knowing and doing, to enter into miraculous union, to live in habitual joy, confess that no one has to be unhappy, and do whatever you want.

Listen to your heart, for that is where knowledge acts. Do only what attracts you. Do what you feel like. Cor super ratio. The heart above logic.

If you are lost, it is because you ignore your source. Turn around and you will be instantly miracled. There is no delay, no punishment, no more old life. Look inward to see what you want to do and be glad to do it. Being obedient to your heart is not obedience; it is your life and joy. Your whole reason for existence.

-Bruce M. Di Marsico. The Option Method. The Myth of Unhappiness, Vol. 3, p. 349

Beata Vita Omnia Est: Happiness Is Everything.

[ Bruce Di Marsico ]