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After my own writings, I turn to Frank Moscas works as the best description of the Option Method.

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The Book of Is! How to be Guided by Being now available

+ The Book of Is! How to be Guided by Being now available

[ Posted on 01.13.2018 ]

I am pleased to announce that The Book of Is! How to be Guided by Being by Frank Mosca, PhD is now available on Amazon. We have produced a Kindle version, as well as a paperback. This little gem is for anyone who wants to explore the nature of Being and the boundless possibilities for happiness that is our essence. In these times of fear-mongering and alienation, here is something that will feed your spirit and infuse your heart with hope and joy.

Frank Mosca was my beloved friend and colleague. I had the joy of working with him for several years in our mutual desire to spread Option Method teachings as created by Bruce Di Marsico. We were both passionate that the essential core and practice of the teaching be preserved because they dive right to the heart of all we need to know about what Frank calls Being/Freedom/Happiness.
If Frank could dedicate this book, I think he would dedicate it to all his loved ones – those closest to him and those who inhabit “the family of being” in his words. He would wish that this book would simply remind you of something that you always knew but may have forgotten – that happiness is what we are always tending toward, what we cherish above all else, what we are in the core of our Being.

To your happiness, Wendy Dolber



Unhappiness is the belief that you’re not free.

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