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The thing I liked most about Frank was that he said I am not the Way, Option is not the Way, but rather here are a set of tools for you to use as you …

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The Book of Is! coming in January.

+ The Book of Is! coming in January.

[ Posted on 12.12.2017 ]

I am happy to announce that this coming January we will be releasing the paperback and Kindle versions of The Book of Is! An Introduction to How to be Guided by Being by Frank Mosca. This little gem is the last unfinished manuscript by our beloved friend, colleague and teacher. When Frank passed away this past May, I asked Linda Mosca, his widow, if I could edit and publish the manuscript. She generously gave her permission and now you will get to see what Frank called “bits and pieces of my speculations on Option mysticism.” Even though Frank did not live to complete the manuscript, in my view, this little book will tell you all need to know about The Option Method, as Frank put it, as “theĀ ultimate Philosophy of Being.”

“There is no greater gift you can give than your presence among other humans as a totally happy person. However others may seem to struggle with that, they will never have a greater opportunity to make that same happiness real for themselves than being exposed to how that is experienced by another happy being.” Frank Mosca, The Book of Is!


Unhappiness is the belief that you’re not free.

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