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This is a gem for anyone who wants to get free from the illusions that keep us from naturally and effortlessly living a happy life. Quoted in Ken Key…

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+ Introducing The Personal Transformation Challenge

[ Posted on 01.06.2012 ]

Challenge yourself to let go of self-limiting beliefs and move on to a happier life.  The Personal Transformation Challenge is a short-term goal-oriented personalized package of services.   It is designed to help you identify and work through your self-created obstacles to happiness in one area of your life.  Focusing on one area at a time enhances your ability to fully understand the connection between your beliefs and feelings.  Experience how establishing and following through on simple happiness goals inspires confidence and clarity in your quest for emotional well-being. To learn more, go to The Personal Transformation Challenge.

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Beata Vita Omnia Est: Happiness Is Everything.

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