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This is a gem for anyone who wants to get free from the illusions that keep us from naturally and effortlessly living a happy life. Quoted in Ken Key…

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+ Expect Happiness!

[ Posted on 05.31.2012 ]

Expect happiness to manifest itself. Love it! Encourage it! Want it! Be glad when it does and ask for more when you want to!” Bruce M. Di Marsico What is your relationship with your own happiness? Do you love it, embrace it, expect it or do you hold it at arms length? Do you feel you deserve it or that it has passed you by? Do you look forward to it or do you actually fear being happy under certain circumstances? Do you bargain with it, saying I will be happy if….? Is your vision of happiness a dream or a nightmare? Come explore with us July 28th and July 29th in our New York City workshop, Let Your Happiness Happen! Registration is open and early bird rates are still in effect plus a special discount – use code BRUCE.

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Unhappiness is the belief that you’re not free.

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