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+ Flipping reality: Help someone to be happy today

[ Posted on 05.03.2012 ]

Help someone to be happy today without feeling bad for them or giving advice. How? Make your mind a clean slate. Throw out preconceived notions about what they are unhappy about or why. Know that nothing can make anyone unhappy. Nothing. Realize that if they are unhappy, they have their reasons. And, know that regardless of how unhappy they are, they can be happy. Then, just be with them and see what happens.   Share what you would like to share from the place of knowing that happiness is possible.  Then, ask whatever questions come to mind with the intention of helping them flip their unhappiness reality, with no expectations but total gratitude for whatever comes.  Most of all, flip your own unhappiness reality and show the world that happiness is possible. To your happiness, Wendy Dolber

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Happiness is being glad for who you are.

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