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The Option Method, created by Bruce Di Marsico, has been one of the greatest gifts I have received in my life. By collecting Bruceís transcripts and w…

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+ What’s the difference between Joy, Peace and Quiet?

[ Posted on 11.19.2018 ]

Joy, Peace and Quiet are all shades of happiness and gratitude. Bruce Di Marsico said it beautifully in The Myth of Unhappiness, Vol. 3.¬† “Joy is the active bodily attitude of happiness. It is being not done with what you are doing, for now; being engaged in a motion. Peace is the inactive bodily attitude of happiness. It is being done for now, having completed a motion, resting in the satisfaction of completeness. Quiet is the knowing that nothing ever needs be done. Quiet can be known in the midst of a riot, or not known sitting in meditation.”

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Unhappiness is the belief that unhappiness can and will happen in the future.

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