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I have been doing dialogues with myself, and have had some quite startling realizations. It is clearly a very powerful tool!

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+ Let’s help each other to be happy!

[ Posted on 04.21.2011 ]

We are pleased to announce the launching of our new website for Dialogues in Self Discovery Center for The Option Method. We are so excited to bring you accessible and standardized training in The Option Method for personal and professional use.  Helping each other to be happy is what it’s all about and we invite you to join us on a journey to spread the word that each of us can declare our emotional independence. The Center is dedicated to the work of Bruce Di Marsico, creator of The Option Method.   What we offer here is a sharing of the legacy of Bruce’s extraordinary teachings by his own students. Our hope is create a vibrant community of students and teachers around the world, so that this important work will continue to flourish and inspire generations to come. As Director of The Center,  my personal goal is to share the essence…

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Your life as a happy person is the only life you truly want.

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