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+ The problem of free will

[ Posted on 06.20.2011 ]

I thought I would summarize the issue of free will for you from an Option perspective. First of all the question is ill-posed. There is no such thing as “will.” Will simply means “wanting.” The apparent need for such a concept arises from the difficulty people experience aligning what you want with what you do. To somehow overcome this difficulty, you are supposed to use a thing called “will” to get yourself to do that which you are somehow supposed to or should or must do, but somehow still won’t do. Then the philosophers ask the question: Is this exercise of a thing called “will” free? Well, if I make up a concept called “thlump” and then ask you do we have “free” “thlump” or not, you would merely laugh. But that’s what is going on. So it is the notion of should/must/ought/supposed to that generates this illusory notion called…

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