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The Option Method has been the ultimate transformative experience in my life. My experience with Bruce Di Marsico changed my life and gave me the tool…

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+ Let it go

[ Posted on 05.05.2012 ]

You know what I mean. Let it go – that thing that is tugging at your happiness right now. Let it go – that dark cloud above your head. Let it go – that feeling of gloom, doom and despair. Let it go – that sense of something wrong. You have every reason in the world to feel exactly as you do. Love that you are doing the best you can do for yourself given the reasons that you have. Know your reasons. Be at peace with yourself. Then, let it go. Take that feeling, kiss it goodbye and blow it away into the universe. Imagine the whole world doing this and creating a huge airy cloud that shimmers in the light and disintegrates into the vastness of time. Any permission or justification you think you need – you already have. Look for it. Then let it go. Just feel…

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Unhappiness is the belief that unhappiness can and will happen in the future.

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