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Option on the Yoga Mat: What’s the meaning of my life today?

+ Option on the Yoga Mat: What’s the meaning of my life today?

[ Posted on 05.29.2011 ]

Sunday morning yoga. Tree pose. If you have ever done it, you know – it’s all about balance.¬† And it’s all about the strength of opposing forces.¬†¬† Standing on one leg, arms raised above your head, you root yourself to the ground, squeeze your core and let your arms pull you up to the sky.¬†¬† Rooted and reaching.

For me, tree pose is like a barometer of mental and physical balance, like so many yoga poses.¬† That’s what I love about yoga.¬† When I go to the mat, I always know exactly where I’m at even if I wasn’t thinking about it before.¬† Some days I am steady as a rock; other days, a soft breeze could blow me over.¬†¬† Today, I was all over the place and I realized, I was distracted by thinking about someone who isn’t giving me the support I would love to have.¬† When I thought it through (Option Method style), I realized that I was believing that lack of support meant that I had to question the very foundation of my being.¬† And that could be bad for my happiness.¬† Or could it?¬† As I stood in tree pose, swaying precariously (did someone yell “timber”?)¬† I thought about what the foundation of my being really is?

In short, who am I anyway?  What is the meaning of my life?  Now, years ago Р40 years ago, to be exact Рwas probably the last time I had that question.  It is not something I really ever question or even think about.  Forty years ago, I met Bruce Di Marsico and learned The Option Method.  I realized then and remembered again today, that the only purpose of my life that matters to me, is my happiness.

But today, I was thinking about it a little differently.  Who am I?  I asked myself.  Who am I really?  Every thing about my life can change.  I could even have surgery and change my looks.  Even the cells in my body are in the process of completely changing over.  Who is the me in me?  What am I rooted in?  And what is the purpose of me?  What am I reaching for?

I should mention here that the theme of our yoga class today was about surrender.¬† And I realized, what if I did strip away all the things I define as myself, all the purposes of my life – with the small “p’s” and capital “P’s”.¬† What if I questioned the very foundation of my being – on my own terms – knowing that whatever I say that foundation is, is my own choice anyway.¬† What really defines me, then?¬† Who and what is even behind the decisionmaker?

So I asked myself Рwhoever that is Рand here is the answer:  I. am. here.

So be it.

Then we went and hung upside down.¬† But that’s a revelation for another day.

And now a word from Bruce on the subject:

“There are no secrets about the meaning of your life.¬† There are nothing but “secrets” about the meaning of “Life” (in the abstract).¬† You are the meaning of your life. You give it meaning.”¬† (from The Option Method; The Myth of Unhappiness, Vol. 3).












Beata Vita Omnia Est: Happiness Is Everything.

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