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How is The Option Method different from other approaches?

+ How is The Option Method different from other approaches?

[ Posted on 06.05.2011 ]

How is The Option Method different from other approaches? There are many wonderful ways to answer this question.

Here is one: I see it in the uncovering of the true state of reality for humans. It is a state which thinkers, philosophers down through the ages have alluded to. That state of reality is happiness. However all other approaches prior to The Option Method have come with some kind of ideological baggage. They, in one way or another, purported to know what path or ritual or behavior was necessary before such a state could “legitimately” be accessed or achieved.

Only Option Method, as I see it, has opened the door to happiness without any apriori requirements, what I like to call “permission giving devices.” This is radical and revolutionary. Its utter simplicity and absolute accessibility for all [what I call “the great democracy of being” in my book The Unbearable Wrongness of Being] challenges every belief to its core; indeed it challenges the very notion of “belief.”

Grasping that completely and fully in any given moment is the greatest delight. Yet, strangely, this is the greatest challenge. People can easily dread such open and unfettered access to their joy. Hence the genius and the gift of Bruce’s Option Method to help people get past their reluctance to have what they most deeply desire!

Frank Mosca

Unhappiness is the belief in the wrongness of being.

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