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I have tried lots and lots of different techniques and methods that promise some sort of a change, external or internal, and I have to say they all wo…

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+ Our International Friendship Day Challenge

[ Posted on 07.09.2017 ]

Click here to Register for this donation event. July 30th is International Friendship Day. What a great opportunity to celebrate our friendships and think about the ones that got away. We all lose friends over the years. Sometimes it is unavoidable as friends pass away. But many times, we lose friends because of what seems like irreconcilable differences, embarrassment over something we did or didn’t do, discomfort with a new significant other or we just let the relationship slip away due to neglect. Perhaps you have lost a friend because of these or similar reasons (or are the lost friend yourself) and you want to rekindle the relationship. We’re here to help you do that with our National Friendship Day Challenge. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to rekindle at least one friendship. Join us on July 30th at noon EST to share stories of how you…

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+ How can we trust our desires?

[ Posted on 03.04.2016 ]

  Getting what we want in this world is more about allowing than acquiring. Struggling to acquire, achieve, and accumulate is often an exercise in attachment.  What does attachment create in you? Are you more withholding than generous? More jealous than glad? Allowing our desires to unfold and be met by the unfolding desires of the universe in an exercise in openness. What does openness create in you? Are you then more generous than withholding? More glad than jealous? How can we trust that allowing desires rather than struggling to acquire will be in our best interests?  By letting ourselves happen. Here is a quote from Bruce Di Marsico on the subject: “Just watch yourself happen.  What you want will happen or not.  You will make choices, or you won’t. Enjoy yourself happening. Be where your choices lead you. You will be anyway – but actually be there, where your…

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+ Today is the Day!

[ Posted on 01.04.2016 ]

There’s still time to take advantage of early bird registration for Let Go and Move On!  Dynamic Self Discovery with The Option Method.  Save $50 by signing up by January 4, 2016 for just $99.  We will meet on the phone six Monday evenings from 7 pm to 9 pm EST starting January 18, 2016 and ending February 22, 2016.  The teleclass is supported by a robust web application where participants and teachers communicate with each other. Join Option Method Master Teachers Wendy Dolber and Frank Mosca, PhD for a six-week adventure in self discovery.  Explore and expand your potential for genuine happiness and emotional freedom with The Option Method.  Learn how happiness-inhibiting beliefs are the engine that drives your emotional state, your relationships, your work life, your spiritual life and your entire worldview. Is this workshop for you?  Yes, if you want to step out of the old routines of feeling bad.…

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Compassion is the bottom line in The Option Method. That’s the absolute requirement and if you…

Compassion is the bottom line in The Option Method. That’s the absolute requirement and if you ever want to learn to do it for yourself, you’ve got to be at least as nice to you as you would be to others. You’ve got to know when you’re ready to deal with something and when you’re not. And you’ve got to know when you don’t want to question your unhappiness and when you’d be glad to. When you get unhappy enough you’ll be glad to.

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