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I was so amazed to learn about this method and how easy it can be to become happy.

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+ Coming Soon: Option Method training for Coaches

[ Posted on 01.24.2019 ]

No matter what kind of coaching you do – life coaching, executive coaching, career coaching, to name a few – emotions are sure to arise. As a coach, how do you deal with emotional issues without crossing that line into therapy? Integrating The Option Method into your coaching practice will give you all the tools you need to effectively, efficiently and seamlessly work with clients on the emotional level, while meeting the ethical and competency rigor of a professional coach. That’s just one benefit of Option Method training for coaches. Stay tuned for more information shortly.

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+ Take a walk

[ Posted on 01.16.2019 ]

Don’t be alone if you don’t want to be. Go outside and take a walk. Make eye contact with everyone you meet. You may find that most people won’t see you. See them. When they do see you, smile. They may smile back. They may not smile back. Be at peace with whatever happens. If words come to your lips, say them. Good morning. What a cute puppy. What a gorgeous day. If they respond or not, be at peace. Walk with open eyes and heart. Allow yourself to connect with everyone and every thing. Now see everyone as a ball of light; a perfect expression of nature. Watch what happens! Namaste (the light in me reflects the light in you).

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+ What’s the difference between Joy, Peace and Quiet?

[ Posted on 11.19.2018 ]

Joy, Peace and Quiet are all shades of happiness and gratitude. Bruce Di Marsico said it beautifully in The Myth of Unhappiness, Vol. 3.  “Joy is the active bodily attitude of happiness. It is being not done with what you are doing, for now; being engaged in a motion. Peace is the inactive bodily attitude of happiness. It is being done for now, having completed a motion, resting in the satisfaction of completeness. Quiet is the knowing that nothing ever needs be done. Quiet can be known in the midst of a riot, or not known sitting in meditation.”

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+ Is it time to speak your truth?

[ Posted on 10.15.2018 ]

A friend of mine shared this wonderful poem from the Hopi culture with me today. It’s about community and how to be in the world, but it’s also about how to be in your own private world. With happiness and strength. Read it through as is and then read it again and change people to myself, your to my, They to I and so on. How does reading this piece change you? What does it inspire you to do? You have been telling the people, That this is the eleventh hour.Now, you must go and tell the people,That THIS is the hour,And there are things to be considered. Where are you living? What are you doing?What are your relationships?Are you in the right relationship?Where is your water?Know your garden … It is time to speak your truth.Create your community,Be good to each other.Do not look outside yourself for a leader.…

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+ Door #1 or Door#2. How can you love decision-making?

[ Posted on 08.21.2018 ]

One of the stumbling blocks to making a decision for many people is knowing the right thing to do. If I pick Door #1, will it turn out okay for me? Will it be better than Door #2? They struggle with trying to figure out what the best thing to do is. When it comes to making decisions, we can all profit by doing the research necessary to figure these things out. Whether it’s a trusted friend, colleague, doctor or the all-important and ever-expanding Mr. Google, information gathering can help us tremendously. But do you ever find yourself cycling through more and more questions and research, delaying that moment when you make the final choice? Cringing at the what if’s? and imagined regrets? When you are fearful of the outcome, it isn’t the best time to make a decision. So instead of pushing yourself into something that you can’t feel…

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True Happiness is not the happiness that is sought but the Happiness that already exists.

[ Bruce Di Marsico ]