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This is a gem for anyone who wants to get free from the illusions that keep us from naturally and effortlessly living a happy life. Quoted in Ken Key…

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+ How can we live in the present?

[ Posted on 09.10.2017 ]

One of the greatest yoga teachers of our time, B.K.S. Iyengar*, tells us: “Poets and wise men since the beginning of the written word have enjoined us in all culture to live in the present moment because it is all we really have.  Have you ever wondered, while watching nature films on television in which herds of beautiful gazelles are constantly surrounded by marauding predators, why their life is not a living hell of fear and insecurity? How can they live their family lives of courtship, procreation, joy in their own physical perfection, knowing that the inevitable end will be in the lion’s maw? You cannot say it is dull fatalism, or lack of imagination. If they lacked imagination why would they run away so fast? The answer must be that they have the capacity to live in the present moment as it is and not as it might be.…

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+ Option on the Yoga Mat: What’s the meaning of my life today?

[ Posted on 05.29.2011 ]

Sunday morning yoga. Tree pose. If you have ever done it, you know – it’s all about balance.  And it’s all about the strength of opposing forces.   Standing on one leg, arms raised above your head, you root yourself to the ground, squeeze your core and let your arms pull you up to the sky.   Rooted and reaching. For me, tree pose is like a barometer of mental and physical balance, like so many yoga poses.  That’s what I love about yoga.  When I go to the mat, I always know exactly where I’m at even if I wasn’t thinking about it before.  Some days I am steady as a rock; other days, a soft breeze could blow me over.   Today, I was all over the place and I realized, I was distracted by thinking about someone who isn’t giving me the support I would love to have.  When I…

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Happiness is being glad for who you are.

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