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The Teleclass was awesome! Just being virtually surrounded by Happy people and listening to them talk endlessly about their experience of Happiness an…

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+ Are you stuck between a rock and a hard place?

[ Posted on 08.02.2018 ]

You can’t seem to get started with that project, get up on time, lose those pounds.  You have problems making decisions, following through on commitments, throwing away those old newspapers.  You don’t know what to do about losing your job, your health insurance, or even your keys. All of these challenges can be strictly practical – a matter of figuring out what to do next, who to call, where to find information.  But when we find ourselves spinning our wheels and not getting anywhere, we might be stuck in the mud of our own emotional inertia.  Here’s an example. Sharon wants to make a decision about whether to go to law school or take a job offer at an internet company.  She collects all the information, talks to her friends, researches schools, but she still can’t bring herself to make a decision.  When she thinks about going to law school,…

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+ Six steps to move on from procrastination

[ Posted on 12.09.2011 ]

Hard to believe, but another year is drawing to a close.  In less than a month, we’ll be at the top of a new year shiny with possibilities.  Of course, January 1 is really just another day, but many of us use it as an opportunity to reset our goals – to assess our progress of the prior year.   Whether we do this happily or regretfully makes all the difference in how fluidly we move forward or whether we move forward at all. So what did you sign up for as the old year slipped into history?  Losing those extra ten pounds; going to the gym three times a week; walking that 10,000 steps, developing a budget?  Are you solidly on your way, or will you be resurrecting last year’s resolutions for 2012? We juggle an enormous amount of things and get a lot done in the natural course of…

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Compassion is the bottom line in The Option Method. That’s the absolute requirement and if you…

Compassion is the bottom line in The Option Method. That’s the absolute requirement and if you ever want to learn to do it for yourself, you’ve got to be at least as nice to you as you would be to others. You’ve got to know when you’re ready to deal with something and when you’re not. And you’ve got to know when you don’t want to question your unhappiness and when you’d be glad to. When you get unhappy enough you’ll be glad to.

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