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+ The Book of Is! How to be Guided by Being now available

[ Posted on 01.13.2018 ]

I am pleased to announce that The Book of Is! How to be Guided by Being by Frank Mosca, PhD is now available on Amazon. We have produced a Kindle version, as well as a paperback. This little gem is for anyone who wants to explore the nature of Being and the boundless possibilities for happiness that is our essence. In these times of fear-mongering and alienation, here is something that will feed your spirit and infuse your heart with hope and joy. Frank Mosca was my beloved friend and colleague. I had the joy of working with him for several years in our mutual desire to spread Option Method teachings as created by Bruce Di Marsico. We were both passionate that the essential core and practice of the teaching be preserved because they dive right to the heart of all we need to know about what Frank calls Being/Freedom/Happiness.…

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+ The Book of Is! coming in January.

[ Posted on 12.12.2017 ]

I am happy to announce that this coming January we will be releasing the paperback and Kindle versions of The Book of Is! An Introduction to How to be Guided by Being by Frank Mosca. This little gem is the last unfinished manuscript by our beloved friend, colleague and teacher. When Frank passed away this past May, I asked Linda Mosca, his widow, if I could edit and publish the manuscript. She generously gave her permission and now you will get to see what Frank called “bits and pieces of my speculations on Option mysticism.” Even though Frank did not live to complete the manuscript, in my view, this little book will tell you all need to know about The Option Method, as Frank put it, as “the ultimate Philosophy of Being.” “There is no greater gift you can give than your presence among other humans as a totally happy person.…

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+ Remembering Frank. Are you creating a happy experience of yourself?

[ Posted on 05.25.2016 ]

Remembering Frank Mosca 1938-2016 Our beloved teacher, Frank Mosca, left this world May 16th. Frank was a beacon in the world of Happiness. He shone out to all who would listen that “Happiness is the original condition of our being and remains so until we are given reasons by others, and then ultimately by ourselves, to believe otherwise.” 1 .  Like me, Frank was a student of Bruce Di Marsico, creator of The Option Method. In fact, I first met Frank in 1995 when he came to visit Bruce in the ICU in his last days. Some years after Bruce’s death, I brought together Option teachers I knew who had been trained directly by Bruce and were continuing to practice The Option Method as Bruce taught it. I asked them to join me in training others so that Bruce’s work would stay alive, true to his original teachings. Together we…

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+ Are you swept away in your “narrative storm”?

[ Posted on 02.08.2016 ]

BELIEFS, FREEDOM, AND THE NOW! All beliefs about meaning, i.e., happiness, obscure and interfere with a person’s freedom to access their happiness now! Why? Fundamentally because happiness is not a belief, whereas beliefs ABOUT happiness are beliefs. Happiness is not a state accessed or achieved by believing. It is not an experience you acquire by following some prescriptive path; it is not a trait you add by passing some tests or proving you “deserve” it. No one deserves happiness. It’s simply who/what you are. You do not say “I believe I am!” No, you simply are, there is no belief involved! That you are is the one ground state that is undeniable. Your being is inescapably self evident. But you can create all kinds of “as if” narratives about the nature and meaning of your being in this world, most times in concert and collusion with some cultural perspective that…

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+ Can you trust your own intentions?

[ Posted on 01.09.2016 ]

Have you ever believed that you could be against you?  That you can’t trust your own intentions?  That you are capable of not doing your best?  If you have, you know that it is a terrible feeling.  Recently, one of our readers asked Frank Mosca for his thoughts on the subject.  Here is what he said: “I would agree that people are doing the best they can with what they intend. From my perch, people are always and only doing the best they can given what they believe in any given moment. That in any given moment, is a key concept. It means just that. Not before that moment or an instant after, but right now in this instant. So time is an important dimension of the question. We tend to create a continuum out of time which usually includes at a minimum the immediate past and however we conceive…

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Your life as a happy person is the only life you truly want.

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