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The thing I liked most about Frank was that he said I am not the Way, Option is not the Way, but rather here are a set of tools for you to use as you …

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+ Is it ever too late to be grateful?

[ Posted on 11.05.2017 ]

Growing up in my family we rarely expressed gratitude to each other – or any other positive feelings for that matter. It was the old school of family relationships – children should be seen and not heard. Adults don’t share feelings with children. I’m sure we felt gratitude. I know I did. When I came home from school to find my new Brownie uniform with beanie and red plastic purse. When my mother didn’t yell at me for having a temper tantrum and slamming a door so hard the glass shattered. When she bought me a typewriter (yes, I am that old) the Christmas before I left for college. I know I probably thanked my mother in some way. Excitement for the uniform – a sheepish little smile for the smashed glass – a hug for my Christmas present. But I’m not sure any of those times really qualify as…

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+ A father teaches his daughter about fearlessness

[ Posted on 03.14.2016 ]

My friend, Asya Ivanova, a wonderful poet, lost her father recently. I’d like to share this beautiful poem she wrote in his honor: FATHER 1 In the dark of a November evening We were heading home— My father and I After visiting his friend When we approached the old cemetery I asked my father to carry me He picked me up into his arms and asked —What are you afraid of? —The dead people,—I answered honestly —But there is no need to be afraid of them,— My father explained softly and solemnly —It is some of the living people You should be aware of But the dead can do you no harm… And so powerful my father’s words were That I learned to love that old cemetery I explored it every corner That ancient town of ghosts With its narrow streets And tiny homes— The briefest life story of its…

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+ Make gratitude a part of your Thanksgiving feast

[ Posted on 11.19.2013 ]

Thanksgiving is right around the corner now. Friends and families are planning and gathering for the day. Is it going to be turkey, or goose, or maybe we’ll even try turducky! How many side dishes this year? Remember last year we forgot the broccoli! Do we really have to have candied yams and mashed potatoes and stuffing? Who’s going to make the pumpkin pie? Thanksgiving is a time of gathering and feasting together, of watching the Macy’s parade and sports on TV. It’s the beginning of the holiday season that will slide us through to New Year’s Day. A race to the finish line of another whirlwind of a year. And of course, a time to come together to give thanks. Like the pilgrims did at Plymouth Rock. For the bountiful harvest, as the story goes. But what if we wash up on the shore of a Thanksgiving facing a…

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Unhappiness is believing that something is necessary, something has to be, should be, ought to be, o…

Unhappiness is believing that something is necessary, something has to be, should be, ought to be, or must be other than what it is.

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