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I recently completed what I thought was going to be another fabulous dialogue. I was right. It was much more though. Have you ever been with someone t…

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+ How to expand your consciousness without even trying.

[ Posted on 09.23.2018 ]

When I think about expanding consciousness, which has been our focus for this month, I realize it’s a wide open multi-leveled subject that can mean many different things. My focus, as always, has been on happiness. What’s the point of expanding consciousness if it doesn’t result in more happiness and less emotional suffering?  In my experience, as we deal with our unhappiness in all its forms and let go of the clockwork mechanism of unhappy thinking, our minds are free to roam the universe. Happiness is an experience of the expansion and evolution of consciousness and that is completely within the realm of what we humans are capable of. We don’t need special credentials or any permission. Within each of us are the makings of that mystic, that sage, that empath, that realized being, that guru, that enlightened being residing right alongside the makings of that person who gets pissed…

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+ Leaving embarrassment behind

[ Posted on 04.20.2016 ]

It all started with severe gastro pain. Maybe it will go away away, I told myself when I got up at 6 am. I really wanted to be in the office. By noon, I was still in pain. Eating wasn’t too attractive so I just drank a lot of water and hoped for the best. By 2 pm or so, I had the bright idea to take a couple of extra strength acetaminophen (never do this on an empty stomach!). I got on a conference call and after a few minutes, I knew I was going to faint. Uh oh. I have fainted before so I know it usually works out okay, but this time I was concerned about the gastro pain, so I decided not to go it alone. I called out for help, knowing full well that I was opening the door to a lot of attention. And,boy,…

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+ Do you love your mistakes?

[ Posted on 07.20.2015 ]

Is it possible to make a mistake and not feel bad about it?  The very definition of the word seems laced with judgment.  Webster’s first definition is “to blunder in the choice of.” Blunder is defined as making a mistake through stupidity, ignorance or carelessness.  Can you imagine showing up at an appointment on the wrong day and sending a note that says, “Please forgive my stupidity in choosing to turn up on Thursday instead of Friday.” Think about your reactions to mistakes you have made.   What were the first words you said to yourself, or out loud?   Did you simply take note of what happened and go about your life?  Or did you flare up in anger, frustration disappointment, shame?    Often, when we chastise ourselves for mistakes, it is because we immediately judge ourselves, saying in some way, I shouldn’t have done that; I shouldn’t have allowed that to…

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+ Podcast: Could You Be Against Yourself?

[ Posted on 04.01.2014 ]

Is it really possible to be against yourself? To be your own worst enemy? To trip yourself up every inch of the way? This is the greatest fear of people who fear making mistakes, distrust themselves and others, suffer from anxiety, depression, paranoia and generally feeling there is something wrong with them. In this week’s episode of Unlock Your Happiness with Wendy Dolber, I talk about how this fear manifests itself and demonstrate how The Option Method can help unravel and release you from “the terrible wrongness of being.” Podcast Excerpt: In the practice of The Option Method we talk a lot about how beliefs cause unhappiness. One of the most common beliefs behind unhappiness is the belief that we could be against ourselves.  That we could sabotage our own best efforts.  That there is something about us that can’t be trusted.  Something that we have to constantly monitor and…

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No thing in the world gives happiness. No thing or lack of any thing causes unhappiness. Happiness i…

No thing in the world gives happiness. No thing or lack of any thing causes unhappiness. Happiness is.

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