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I cannot adequately express my thanks for the perspective on life and on myself that Wendy Dolber has helped me awaken to during the past few months. …

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+ Who’s in charge? Me or my mind!!

[ Posted on 01.17.2017 ]

If only we could control our minds. Wouldn’t we be invincible then? Nothing could get under our skin. No one could intimidate us. We wouldn’t be afraid of anything. Our emotions would never get away from us. We could bring all our brainpower to whatever we are doing. Maybe we’d even be able to heal ourselves and overcome pain and suffering at will. Wouldn’t we be happy then! Perhaps the idea of controlling our minds is like trying to control an “unruly” puppy.  It’s the puppy’s nature to want to play. Any responsible dog owner wouldn’t expect a puppy to sit still all day long. Why even have a puppy? Perhaps the very thing we want to control in our minds is exactly the thing that makes our minds so wonderful. Our minds wants to play, skip from one thought to the next, resurrect memories at will, free associate, make…

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+ What will win? What is right or what is awry?

[ Posted on 03.22.2016 ]

I love to sit in my favorite chair, looking out the window at nature.  It might be a beautiful sunny summer day or in the midst of a frozen winter.  It doesn’t matter.  From the vantage point of my comfy chair, (which I often have to negotiate with my dog for time ), lately I am struck with the justaposition of all the manufactured items I can see framing the world of trees, birds, a pond with its rushing waterfall.  Even if I just focus on the curtains framing my window, I am amazed at everything that had to come to together to create them – the different fabrics, the threads, the sizing, the tints and dyes.  From the curtains I let my eyes roam to the window, the wall, the ceiling and floor, imagining (to the best of my limited knowledge) all the materials and processes that had to…

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+ Can you trust your own intentions?

[ Posted on 01.09.2016 ]

Have you ever believed that you could be against you?  That you can’t trust your own intentions?  That you are capable of not doing your best?  If you have, you know that it is a terrible feeling.  Recently, one of our readers asked Frank Mosca for his thoughts on the subject.  Here is what he said: “I would agree that people are doing the best they can with what they intend. From my perch, people are always and only doing the best they can given what they believe in any given moment. That in any given moment, is a key concept. It means just that. Not before that moment or an instant after, but right now in this instant. So time is an important dimension of the question. We tend to create a continuum out of time which usually includes at a minimum the immediate past and however we conceive…

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+ How can I change?

[ Posted on 10.26.2015 ]

Try Being There’s nothing to do to change to be who you already are. It’s an illusion that there’s work to be done as if one of these days you’ll get it right. Who is the you who is getting it wrong? Who is the you who gets it right? Who is you that observes it all and decides What next? It’s just something to do until Eternity arrives. What if it’s already here and we’re missing it? Namaste,  Wendy Dolber photo by Photobonanza

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+ Is happiness calling you?

[ Posted on 10.12.2015 ]

Is happiness calling you? Does it tug at your consciousness, whisper in your ear, float through your dreams? Does it seem like a dream sometimes? Something nice to think about for the future. Something saved for special occasions and life circumstances. If happiness is calling, who is it that is calling?  Is it something outside you or within you? Is happiness calling you or is it your calling?  When we think of happiness as our calling, we can know that everything within us tends towards happiness, just as everything within us tends towards life.   We can no more try to be happy than we can try to be alive.  It is also a way of affirming our own choice to respond to our internal call to happiness – to make it the central theme of our lives, no matter what. We don’t experience this choice when we are unhappy.…

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Happiness is being glad for who you are.

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