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I have been doing dialogues with myself, and have had some quite startling realizations. It is clearly a very powerful tool!

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Announcing: Two brand new ebooks by Frank Mosca, PhD

+ Announcing: Two brand new ebooks by Frank Mosca, PhD

[ Posted on 01.09.2014 ]

We are happy to announce the Kindle editions of two new books by Frank Mosca, PhD.

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Birdsongs is the story of one person’s struggle with meaning and the role of a small white dog in his personal transformation. The core of the work revolves around the insights of the thinker Bruce Di Marsico and his Option Method. The meaning of meaning is always whether it is possible and indeed licit and permitted to be happy under any and all conditions. It is about the development of an attitude which trumps all the culturally approved rational constructions whether they derive from traditional religions or from contemporary science and its claims to first place in the minds and hearts of humans who seek happiness.



Wake Up To [and don’t be afraid of] Your Happiness Now! uses the fiction of time being stopped and a person being stuck in the same day in order to illustrate how unhappiness operates in our lives.  We are stuck with the belief that we have to be unhappy.  Changing that requires we break through our culturally held fear of being happy.  When we do we can move on to a new moment, a new day.  See how this is done through the interactions of a fictional character who comes to know and acknowledge his happiness now.  This work opens a path to the reader to become happy and be happy now.

Happiness is being glad for who you are.

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