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Option has been for me the single most important experience of my life. I have learned that what I dreamed of as a kid but never thought I would have.…

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+ Take a walk

[ Posted on 01.16.2019 ]

Don’t be alone if you don’t want to be. Go outside and take a walk. Make eye contact with everyone you meet. You may find that most people won’t see you. See them. When they do see you, smile. They may smile back. They may not smile back. Be at peace with whatever happens. If words come to your lips, say them. Good morning. What a cute puppy. What a gorgeous day. If they respond or not, be at peace. Walk with open eyes and heart. Allow yourself to connect with everyone and every thing. Now see everyone as a ball of light; a perfect expression of nature. Watch what happens! Namaste (the light in me reflects the light in you).

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+ How can we live in the present?

[ Posted on 12.17.2018 ]

One of the greatest yoga teachers of our time, B.K.S. Iyengar*, tells us: “Poets and wise men since the beginning of the written word have enjoined us in all culture to live in the present moment because it is all we really have. ¬†Have you ever wondered, while watching nature films on television in which herds of beautiful gazelles are constantly surrounded by marauding predators, why their life is not a living hell of fear and insecurity? How can they live their family lives of courtship, procreation, joy in their own physical perfection, knowing that the inevitable end will be in the lion’s maw? You cannot say it is dull fatalism, or lack of imagination. If they lacked imagination why would they run away so fast? The answer must be that they have the capacity to live in the present moment as it is and not as it might be.…

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+ The best way to be happy now

[ Posted on 11.21.2018 ]

The Option Method is a fantastic way to change direction when you aren’t feeling the way you want to feel. As quick and effective as it can be, there is even a quicker way to turn yourself around. The first is be happy. Remind yourself that regardless of what you are feeling, your ultimate goal is really to be happy, so why not go there? Ask yourself what you are doing to stand in the way of your happiness? Would it be okay, just for now, to step aside and let it happen? Whatever you think it might cost you, ask yourself if that is really true and see what happens. Second, look at how you are feeling about what you are feeling. Yes, I said, how you are feeling about what you are feeling. Most feelings will pass quickly if we don’t hold onto them. Ever stub your toe?…

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+ What’s the difference between Joy, Peace and Quiet?

[ Posted on 11.19.2018 ]

Joy, Peace and Quiet are all shades of happiness and gratitude. Bruce Di Marsico said it beautifully in The Myth of Unhappiness, Vol. 3.¬† “Joy is the active bodily attitude of happiness. It is being not done with what you are doing, for now; being engaged in a motion. Peace is the inactive bodily attitude of happiness. It is being done for now, having completed a motion, resting in the satisfaction of completeness. Quiet is the knowing that nothing ever needs be done. Quiet can be known in the midst of a riot, or not known sitting in meditation.”

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+ Does God exist?

[ Posted on 10.23.2018 ]

Does God exist, does happiness exist, does love exist, does the realization of my deepest desires exist, does my bright and shining future exist, do I even exist as I would love myself to be? From the largest questions to the smallest questions about the nature of what is, what we allow ourselves to strive for, is the only thing that matters. Here’s a beautiful passage by Bruce Di Marsico. Read it once and then go back and apply it to yourself and your own life. “Everybody in the world can give you very good arguments that God does not exist or that happiness does not exist, and that does not stop you from striving for it. That is very in alignment with certain saints who say, “I don’t now whether it’s possible for there to be God or not, but I don’t care. I want there to be, and…

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All that people want is to be happy. Happiness is the ultimate desire. Happiness is the prime mover.…

All that people want is to be happy. Happiness is the ultimate desire. Happiness is the prime mover. Happiness is the goal of all desires.

[ Bruce Di Marsico ]