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I have just come upon the Option Method and love the simplicity of [the] questions. They are true to human nature.


I have been doing dialogues with myself, and have had some quite startling realizations. It is clearly a very powerful tool!


I know I will keep using this method probably for a long time to come, if not forever! I am indebted to Bruce as well as you Deborah, for continuing to spread his legacy. It’s sheer GENIUS!


I cannot adequately express my thanks for the perspective on life and on myself...


I have been doing dialogues with myself, and have had some quite startling...


'The Guru Next Door' is a well-written and riveting tale of self-discovery. It weaves a personal story of pain and learning with the greater teaching…

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Recommended: Breakout Coach Training with Mandy Evans

What: Breakout Coach Training in The Netherlands

Where: Zanvoort, Netherlands

When: May 18-23, 2017 


Who: Coaches, teachers, executives, managers, parents, students of human potential and others

Mandy Evans  is my dear friend and fellow crusader in helping people unravel beliefs that stand in the way of happiness, success and personal development.  She originated Breakout Coaching to teach people from all walks of life, including some of the most successful coaches and writers in the field of human consciousness.She is a speaker, writer, coach and seminar leader and the author of Travelling Free: How to Recover from the Past by Changing Your Beliefs and Emotional Options. 

Whenever I’m feeling stuck and convinced I’ll never get back into the flow, I turn to Mandy Evans. Her deceptively simple questions are fast-acting, long-lasting, friendly and fun!
Michael Neill, super coach, author of “You Can Have What You Want”

In this four-day workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Use breakout dialogues to coach people through fear and doubt that keeps them stuck
  • Work with individual belief systems in a deep and meaningful way
  • Recognize hidden beliefs that block happiness and success
  • Break out from the beliefs that hold you and your clients back
  • Expand your ability to work in the miracle-attracting space of acceptance
  • Distinguish desire from attachment
  • Present yourself and your work comfortably and confidently
  • Tap into the strongest motivation we all have (and overcome the reluctance to use it)
  • Make peace with the past and why it matters
  • Open doors you did not know you closed

For more information, go to Mandy Evans Breakout Training


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